COVID-19: Legal solutions

Since the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have constantly been monitoring the situation and are therefore prepared to assist clients on legal issues related to COVID-19 on a short notice. Below you can find information about legislative changes following the COVID-19 pandemic, legal status in various categories and other relevant information for businesses and individuals.

LOGOS COVID-19 task force

LOGOS has established a working group focused on identifying legal issues concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, specialists in all areas of law work in the offices of LOGOS. If you have any questions about the government’s remedies regarding the pandemic or other legal issues, please contact Einar Baldvin Axelsson, Helga Melkorka Óttarsdóttir or Jón Elvar Guðmundsson , partners at LOGOS.

Einar Baldvin Axelsson    Helga Melkorka Óttarsdóttir   Jón Elvar Guðmundsson