New managing partner at LOGOS, Mr Thorolfur Jonsson

New managing partner at LOGOS, Mr Thorolfur Jonsson

Mr Thorolfur Jonsson, attorney at law and a member of the LOGOS partners group since 2009, is the new managing partner at LOGOS. He succeeds Ms Helga Melkorka Ottarsdottir, attorney at law, who has been the managing partner at the firm for the past 6 years. Mr Jonsson was previously with Kaupthing bank, first as in-house counsel and then as managing director of Investment Banking, and prior to that he was a clerk to a Supreme Court judge. His main focus has been on Corporate Law and Banking and Finance.


“I look forward to tackling this new role alongside my practice. The firm is in good shape as my predecessor has done excellent work in expanding it in recent years.” Thorolfur says.


Helga, who has now taken a seat on the company board, will continue to practice law with the firm, and focus on Corporate Law, Competition Law, European Law and litigation. “It is a pleasure to be able to focus entirely on my practice again, which includes so many varied projects. I have learnt a lot and it has been extremely rewarding being at the helm of LOGOS, the largest law firm in the country, which employs an extremely competent team of people.” Helga says.


Thorolfur is born in 1974 and graduated from the University of Iceland Law School in 1999. He received his LL.M. degree from Harvard Law School in 2002, became a District Court Attorney in 2000 and Supreme Court Attorney in 2016. He is married to Nanna Vidarsdottir and they have 5 children.


LOGOS is the largest law firm in the country, with offices in both Reykjavik and London. The firm employs a total of 75 people and its turnover in 2018 was ISK 2 billion.

Sveinn Björnsson