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Administrative and Development Law

When doing business in Iceland there are many practical and cultural issues that need to be addressed, particularly when dealing with public and administrative authorities in Iceland. We regularly handle all aspects of matters with public authorities, and disputes with public authorities for various type of clients. Whether general or more specific matters, such as data protection, human rights, state aid, tax, regulatory or applying for specific licenses or exemptions before the relevant administrative body. We offer services to official government bodies, nonprofit organizations (NPO´s) and private companies on issues regarding administrative and development law.

Iceland is a part of the European Economic Area (EEA) and must therefore have it laws and regulations within that framework, including respecting all aspects of the four freedoms. We advise public and private parties on all aspects of the EEA and the relevant obligations for Iceland in that regard.

Our team consists of interdisciplinary experts with commercial knowhow and industrial knowledge that is essential when doing business in Iceland.

Our work in this practice area includes:

  • Administrative contracts, i.e agreements between the public sector and private entities
  • Freedom of information and the right to obtain information from public bodies
  • Data protection
  • Human rights
  • Financial regulatory requirements
  • State aid
  • Tax
  • Legal opinions on the legal status of individuals and companies
  • Handling of administrative complaints before public authorities and Icelandic courts
  • Applications for licenses
  • Environmental matters
  • Advice on land planning

Prospective clients who would like to learn more about our administrative and development law practice are invited to contact the below listed partners.