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The Icelandic legislative and regulatory environment has been increasingly integrated with EU law through the EEA-agreement ever since it entered into force in 1994. This is leading to ever more complex issues as EU law influences the business sector in different ways. Resolving these issues requires expertise both in substantive European law and the dynamics between the EU/EEA framework and the Icelandic legal system.

We have experts in different aspects of EU/EEA law, such as the four freedoms, competition, state aid and public procurement. Our experts have studied European law in some of the best universities in Europe, worked at the institutions of the EU and EFTA and practised EU law extensively.

LOGOS has assisted both domestic and international parties in litigation before the EFTA Surveillance Authority, the European Commission, the EFTA Court and the European Court of Justice.

As an example, our work in this practice area includes:

  • Litigation before the EU/EEA courts.
  • Litigation before the courts of Iceland.
  • Advice on the conformity of legislation with EU/EEA law.
  • Drafting agreements with regard to EU/EEA state aid rules.
  • Advice on EU/EEA merger filing.
  • Advice on EU/EEA competition law.
  • Public procurement advice and litigation.
  • Representing clients in proceedings before the EFTA Surveillance Authority.

Prospective clients who would like to learn more about our EU/EEA practice are invited to contact the below listed partners.

Rankings (2019)

Legal 500
LOGOS is listed as a "Tier 1" firm in EEA and competition